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Innovative, software-based, next-generation technology

ZONE Sonography® Technology (ZST) is a revolutionary, software driven approach to echo data acquisition and image formation that breaks the barriers of conventional ultrasound imaging. Using a small number of large “ZONES”, ZST acquires up to 90% more ultrasound data than conventional ultrasound technology and at speeds of 10 times faster. ZST then implements and processes this full data set in software rather than hardware.

ZST is a constantly evolving, software-based technology, or a “living technology.” Living Technology is ZONARE’s approach to providing customers with upgradable ultrasound enhancements through ZONE Sonography Technology. These upgrades secure product investment protection by ensuring that ZONARE’s products perform at the cutting-edge of imaging excellence for the system’s entire life cycle.  

2D Digital Beamformation vs. 2D ZONE Sonography

Image Quality Improvements with ZST

Focused image across the full field of view
  • Dynamic transmit & receive focus (Every pixel in the frame is in focus)
    • No need for transmit focal zone control (and resultant frame rate tradeoffs)
  • Enhanced image resolution, uniformity, contrast, and penetration
Faster acoustic acquisition
  • Temporal accuracy (reduced motion blur)
  • Acoustic time available to interleave modes without compromise
Patient specific imaging
  • Compensating for physiological sound speed variations in patients