At ZONARE, we constantly explore
new ways to bring better ultrasound
technology to life.

Our focus is to develop technology that actually changes the way you see things. The exceptional images our technology delivers today will only get diagnostically better as we continue to move forward on our dynamic path to the future. Our Zone Sonography™ technology (ZST) is already two generations ahead of traditional beamformation technology - and we're only in the infancy of our potential.

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we live to make ultrasound better.

Living Technology

What is Living Technology?

We purposely use an open architecture that promises a dynamic, living, ever-evolving enhancement path to the future. Our systems are designed to enable you to stay with us, wherever we take our technology tomorrow. In short, the product you buy today will live into the future through new capabilities and product enhancements.

Today, our ultrasound technology delivers exceptional images, from bariatrics to neonates. But there’s a whole path of innovation before us.

Your challenges and needs drive our future.

We understand that the best relationships are built on trust and personal attention—when and where they’re needed. 

And we move forward by listening, and understanding, and respond by innovating technology focused on bringing clarity to complex clinical evaluations.

At ZONARE, we live to make ultrasound better.

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